Who are we?

Nuclear Now Alliance Australia is a newly formed not-for-profit organisation run by a group of Australian scientists and engineers that are passionate about the benefits nuclear power but have no connection to the industry. 

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Mission statement

To grow grassroots support for nuclear power in Australia by bringing together a broad alliance of individuals, community groups, political parties, think thanks, industry bodies and businesses to help repeal the Federal prohibition.

Useful links

Australian Nuclear Association 

The Australian Nuclear Association is an independent incorporated scientific institution which promotes the knowledge and practice of the peaceful, safe and effective use of nuclear science and technology to benefit people, science and the environment.

Bright New World

Bright New World is an Australian ecomodernist environmental group committed to the vision in which modern societies thrive on abundant, clean energy.

Nuclear for Climate 

Nuclear for Climate is an organisation committed to promoting nuclear power as a means for a meaningful reduction in Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. 


Going Fission

Going Fission is Australia’s only Nuclear Technology Discussion podcast. Each episode is an interview with a prominent member in the field, y covering various topics related to Australia’s involvement in the nuclear fuel cycle.



Atomic Australia

Atomic Australia is Australia’s biggest online forum discussing all things nuclear.




Need to get in contact?

Have questions?  Keen to get involved?  Get in touch at info at nuclearnow.com.au or use the form below.